Cooler than Penny skateboarder – Old is golden!

I don’t call myself a penny boarder and I’m not bothered about learning these mini cruisers (riding one I rather not) I’m good with the old skateboard – Old is golden. I trust an old skateboard or a long board than the fashionable new penny boards.

Penny boards aka mini cruisers are an awesome fun miniature skate board made out of plastic on a 22 inches in length. They are tiny, compact, and loads of fun but unsafe and waste of money. Penny boards are made out of plastic and for that reason there a lot of places that you can buy penny boards. Not all penny boards are created equal, and the last thing you want to do is buy a cheap penny board made in China and have it break in a matter of weeks.  I just go with the old skateboard and have that last me a very long time.

Bring a skateboarder I usually buy 5 skateboards in a year; whereas my friends get through over 20 penny board yearly. Their boards snap and break easily to have for a long period of time. Few weeks ago, my friend challenged me on a freestyle at the skate park. This girl has been skating for over 10 years but knowing that she had a penny board I took on her challenge. Within the free style we had to do 3 star jumps, one flick of the board and then one change over with another skater. I did all but with her as her change over was about to happen the board snapped.

I laughed so hard and did a celebration for winning the challenge. She was annoyed and couldn’t believe her board that she paid over £100 had snapped. I was like “get a normal skateboard and that won’t happen to you.” I have had my board for 2years and nothing bad have happened. Got me through 6 competition so far so good. Alhamdulillah!

Moral of the story don’t go for a penny board paying so much for it to snap on you putting your life at risk. Penny board looks dope but not worth an investment. If you’re going to get on the skater lifestyle be safe and have a solid base skateboard/longboard and take it easy. Have fun and stake happy and freely.

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