MENPO’s art inspired in East London #4Syria

Today at football match, this sister came in dressed with torn in her football kit and face painted. (I noticed her face paint was inspired by the art piece “Syria and the hope of refugees 1” By Spanish artist MENPO) – She went on a mad one and then started crying for Syria and said “we are out here having fun and they out there dying” it really got to us especially with her face paint RED watered down her face with blood. She said we need to do something to help raise vital funds with One Ummah Charity and we all agreed!

It was so fun we all got face painted (inspired by MENPO fine art Syria pieces) –  with added torn clothes into our football kits then we took off our football boots. We walked in to the police station like we have been hurt and kidnapped then asked to speak to chief. We told him of our plan and apologised for his time on us but kindly asked for him to give us permit to collect money in shopping centres and permission to go into shops to ask for money #4Syria. He did so right away and made donation on behalf of the station to start us off and wishes us all the best. ❤ May Allah blesss him for his kindness!

We split up into teams of 5 people, hitting 4 shopping centres. Walking around with buckets, clothes torn, no shoes and face painted with horror and blood tears into our faces. We asked donations to the public and went into shops asking shop mangers for money.

It was so much fun with only 4 and 1/2hours of doing so we collected over 20k from 4 shopping centres! I got told off by Somali man being the only Somalian on this; it was the first time I met a Somali doctor in Ilford. He told us to put our shoes on so we don’t step on nails or get sick picking up dirt. We told him the children in Syria and Somalia both walk around without shoes so it’s alright for us to walk around per footed for donations. He totally apologised to us and written 5k cheque right away. May Allah bless his soul and reward him for his donation.

We had a productive day raising funds to support the people of Ghouta and Syria. I ask the Ummah to ask Allah to help the People of Syria. Please do what you can today, In Sha Alllah. Every little bit counts to make a difference!

If you haven’t donated towards the cause then please donate at to help reach One Ummah’s target off £250,000 today. #SaveGhouta – Keep making duas #4Peace

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