Hi, welcome to my blog. Let’s talk about stress! When you hear the word, what is the first thing that comes to your head? – Work – Time – Relationship – Life – Task … All of these things are components and factors off stress. Before we start discussing this further it is important to […]

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Star Sisters FC

Hey, how are you doing? Welcome back to my blog and if today is your first time on here … you have come to the right place! I hope you enjoy reading about my journey at Star Sisters Football Club. In 2019, I had the idea of starting up a football club to find a […]

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Mission 4 Gambia

Welcome to my blog if today is your first time here, I hope you enjoy the read! If you have been here before, welcome back! In today’s blog, I will highlight an important project that I am taking part in. Also, I will be talking to you about 10k steps challenge I’m currently doing for […]

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Soccer Aid 2020

Hey guys, let’s talk about last night. What a game, right? I’m still buzzing! Soccer Aid for Unicef, the biggest charity football match was officially back last night at 6.30pm. Back with a bang, stronger than ever before with England vs World XI FC. I’m so glad this match was able to go ahead at […]

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50 Euros in Rome!

Hey guys, welcome to another blog! In today’s blog, I will write about how I spend only 50 Euros in Rome during my holiday. If you are going on holiday to Italy or any other country, give this a go! See if you can spend 50 Euros whilst having a blast. Last year, I was […]

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Hey, thank you for visiting my blog. I hope after reading this you develop an interest for the great outdoors. Below is my adventure and experiences, happy reading! My journey in hiking started in my early teen years, I love to challenge myself and taking on epic mountains! The joy of discovery, great views and […]

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Sunnah Sports

Islam is not just a religion for more than 1.8 billion, 24.1% of the world’s population for Muslim people! It is a complete way of living a successful life that has been taught by the last Messenger and the Prophet of Islam Muhammad (PBUH). In today’s blog bare with me as I highlight to you […]

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Justice for Shukri Abdi

Dear Londoners, You are all incredible people for coming out together for today’s peaceful protest demanding Justice for Shukri Abdi. Thank you everyone for an amazing, powerful and untied turnout across London towards #JusticeForShukriAbdi – A year on and there is NO justice for our dear sister’s death. We are failing to understand why… Everyone […]

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I am a Muslim black woman!

I am a Muslim black woman and with all that is going on around the world … I am a firm believer in pushing myself with a positive mind, good vibes and hope for a better day throughout every situation. I am …A daughterA sisterA travellerAn aid workerA humanitarianA businesswomanA bloggerA footballerA coachA mentorAn activist […]

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Jay Vibes – I’m Back!

Hello, Salam, Hola, Bonjour … My name is Juweyria aka JayVibes 🕊 Bringing you a positive vibe. I mean they say your vibe attracts your tribe! I live an adventurous life filled with an amazing family, great friends, travel and experiences. My goal is to share my thoughts, create memories and inspire others. Our lives […]

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