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Let’s talk about stress! When you hear the word, what is the first thing that comes to your head? – Work – Time – Relationship – Life – Task … All of these things are components and factors off stress.

Before we start discussing this further it is important to know that stress is an unfortunate but often unavoidable side effect of our busy lives. Having on-hand methods for managing stress is a good way to combat its physical, mental, and emotional impact.

To mark this day for National stress awareness day. I will be giving tips on how I deal with stress in my to life with lessons I learnt. I hope you would agree with me when I say different people deal with stress differently. Throughout my life I had to learn to channel stress to set my mind free. Adopting my life around the right attitude has allowed me get to where I am whilst dealing with stressful situations.

Hans Selye is known as the ‘father of stress research’ – He has inspired me to find my inner strength by finding methods that work for me. “Stress Without Distress” is an amazing book by Hans Selye. Reading the book has widen my thoughts … thinking outside the box to learn the art of managing stress that fits my lifestyle.

When people ask me; “Jay how do you manage stress?” … I give them three things: 1 – exercise, 2 – hobby and 3- self-awareness. I do exercise with varies of sports, this has been a fundamental part of my stressful life. I run, swim, box, climb mountains … when I need to clear my head. I use my hobbies such as playing sports, travelling and photography to take time out of stress moments. Lastly, bring self-awareness and learning when to say “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” has allowed me to take control of my mind and body to live life. Stress comes and goes but knowing how to deal with it has allowed me to stay true to myself.

Is Stress Killing You? Ways to Deal with Stress in our Busy Life.
The famous saying: “Its not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it.” – Hans Selye. Has motivated me to get through stressful moments coming out stronger.

It is not the load of stress that defines a person it’s how they deal with it, my advice is find your inner strength and do the things that make you happy. Teach yourself the art to relieve stress – Take deep breathes, focus on being positive, phone/video chat to a family/friend member … love yourself and learn that self-love will hold your life together.

The keys to over come STRESS … 1. Pause/Stop – Take notes of stressful thoughts by observing them without judging yourself. Stop what you’re doing. 2. Breathe – Take a moment to focus on yourself. 3. Present – Become aware of your thought at the present moment you are stressing out. Let yourself be free to understand what you are going through. 4. Carry On – Move your focus onto something different to put your mind at ease. Always channel your energy into much more effective for yourself and your well-being.

On this special day for national stress awareness day just breathe and channel yourself into something much more better.

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