Star Sisters FC

Hey, how are you doing? Welcome back to my blog and if today is your first time on here … you have come to the right place! I hope you enjoy reading about my journey at Star Sisters Football Club.

In 2019, I had the idea of starting up a football club to find a way to come back to the loved game! I used to play and coach football in my teenage years! My passion for football has grown over the years since I stopped playing and coaching due to LIFE! Things change and life priorities take over.

June 2019, I did a checkup on my LIFE to help put things in order to do new projects fitting into my life goals. I put football on the list of things to do, I knew I had to find time to priorities the club alongside other things! I was up for a challenge as I wanted to make a come back to football.

I started my research to see how many female football players and teams that are established in London – I found some clubs that empower women footballers that are lead by a strong woman! I was happy to see football clubs for ladies but I did not think it was enough women football clubs … This soon became my motivation to encourage more ladies to start playing football.

I began to question everything whilst carrying on with my research. The main question I asked myself was … How could there be less female football players? My mind starting to think outside of the box. Football welcomes everyone and it is fast growing with female players. I wanted to add on to it by giving the opportunity to female players to play football whilst having fun. Ladies are breaking barriers in sports so I thought to myself why not start a project to get more ladies to play football. I want to see more ladies on the pitch and I decided to contribute to this cause by creating a club to boost the women football industry.

After doing much needed research the light-bulb moment hit me, I knew I wanted to start a football club that empowers women to get into football. With this mission in mind, I started brainstorming on ideas; I started off by looking at my nationality and background! Being Somali, I knew I wanted to carry on with the STAR in the flag. At this point I told myself to start the football club with female players that have a STAR in their country flag – I hit up Google and searched: ‘How many countries have a STAR in their flag?’ … I put up on my Instagram story to see who would be interested to join the club if I started it to give me a rough idea who would join. The response was amazing.

Couple of months went on, fast forward to September 2019. At this point it was all good, I helped organise charity football matches with male footballers from different organisations. I gathered all the knowledge and understanding of running football events to raise funds for charity. Every month was a learning a curve, I kept calm and carried on with the mission in my head to start a football club for females. My desire to one day organise a match for female players was going to happen. I just needed to work hard to make it happen!

The excitement to start the football club went into 2020 – I knew I had to drop the idea of finding ladies that have a STAR in their country flag … As much as I liked the idea of this, I had to pin it to welcome all ladies from around the world. I set my mind to starting the club for ladies so that became my main focus but I knew I was struggling so I brainstormed with few ‘sisters’ /ladies in my life to hear out what my plans are and what I wanted to do. The brainstorming session went amazing! Everything came together after few brainstorming sessions. The club’s name was decided and finalised … STAR SISTERS FOOTBALL CLUB.

Star Sisters Football Club was formed early February 2020. I told few people that I am starting a football club to empower women through football. I got so much support from a lot of people! This made me happy and excited to make it happen. Unfortunately, I had a some negative people who did not support my vision which was okay! Few people said to me: “Jay – Drop it you do not have the experience to run a football club” … “Jay – Do not waste your time, let this go” … “Jay – Here you go again with another idea…” – At this point I was done with the negative people. I told them watch how I make this into reality, I will do it. My desire to proof them WRONG became so big in my mind, I knew I had to make STAR SISTER FC.

I knew February 2020, will be the make or break in starting Star Sister Football Club. I kept calm and carried on, the support and love was there from the people who matter in my life. I put in the time, passion and self-motivation to make the club’s launch happen. I gave myself deadlines to do everything before February 29, also known as leap day. The countdown was on and it was my mission to do all that I could to get Star Sisters Football Club up and running.

With every mission I aim to achieve the support comes from amazing sisters. I asked for support with the logo as I did not have the skill to design the logo myself in Feb, which lead to sister Raghad Zuraiki coming forward to help me with the club’s logo. Raghad instantly started to design the logo for me.

Star Sisters Football Club official logos.
February 2020 / October 2020

Star Sisters Football Club – Mission statement: Empowering women through football as well as personal development in creativity, leadership and education. The club will achieve this mission, I have full faith in the sisters helping me run the club. We are on the move to do big things together. Watch this space – Check out the club on social media / Twitter and Instagram – @starsistersfc or email – to get involved with the club.

Thank you for reading about Star Sisters Football Club on this blog until next time, I will leave you to have a wonderful day! Keep your head up and be strong enough to make decision – Self believe goes along way, trust me!

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