Mission 4 Gambia

Welcome to my blog if today is your first time here, I hope you enjoy the read! If you have been here before, welcome back!

In today’s blog, I will highlight an important project that I am taking part in. Also, I will be talking to you about 10k steps challenge I’m currently doing for a project in Gambia towards girls football.

That’s right, I’m doing 10 thousand steps I’m doing everyday. I have recently read studies that found taking 10,000 steps a day could be related to health benefits, such as lower blood pressure, better blood glucose levels and improved mood.

During Covid-19’s pandemic we all should try to stay active. For me I have found a way to make a difference to girls – 10k steps for £10 donations!


17834 steps – Highest steps to beat! I put on this watch around 10am until Midnight. The steps on the watch reset at midnight – During the day I push towards the 10k steps target on a daily basis!

Lockdown has been good to me. I found ways to stay active by walking, jogging, running, playing football, etc! My biggest motivation comes from pushing myself to stay on top of my fitness and well-being. I also hate getting bored if I’m not on the move / challenging myself, let’s see if I could beat 17834 steps.

the many blessings that has come my way during this lockdown is getting back into football and networking with people in the sports sector on social media. I love the power of social media, the connections I have made with people in the sports industry has been ground-breaking. I have learnt so much already in the space of few months. I hope the learning keepings on coming until I become an expert in football and in other sports.

Through football I was able to connect with Shaz the founder of Super 5 League (The largest 5-A-Side women’s league in London.) Shaz is a considerate brother, he has recently put together Super 5 Presents as the league’s charity ventures. Check out Super 5 League on instagram page at – @super5league – My sisters at Star Sisters FC will be apart of the beginners division at Super 5 League’s tournament, visit the club’s instagram page over at – @starsistersfc

Super 5 Presents is in collaboration with Golden Youth Football Academy (GYFA) – They are a registered charity in The Gambia founded by brothers from London. Visit their page on instagram – @gyfa_ … to see the work they are doing! They focus on football academy for youth and community development.

This picture was taken in The Gambia by Fanna, check out her instagram’s page and stay tuned for remarkable things to come by
Super 5 Presents team!

The love that is coming from these girls is beyond beautiful. Being united together for football is an amazing thing to see, squad goal right here.

Super 5 Presents gives the opportunity to people like myself to get involved to help create a new girls football academy in Gambia! I have set up a crowdfunding page to raise funds for this project. Please visit to support: http://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/gambia-girlsfootball – For the 10k steps challenge, please help raise funds towards this project in Gambia! Your donations will help the dream team in Gambia. Girls are cable of greatness, they just need that right support to unlash their full potential.

This campaign is important to everyone involved making this project happen for Girls Of Golden Youth. Please visit and support the new instagram page for the project – @super5presents. Don’t hesitate to contact me or anyone involved with the mission for Gambia.

I will carry on with my 10k steps challenge (I DARE you to do double) let’s make our mission for girls a real success and make it a mission accomplished! Every girls has the right to chase her dream and building a football academy for them in Gambia is going to be amazing. Support us, please! The girls need a safe space in the heart of the community to come together to play football.

There is always a reason to smile.

Let’s get more girls to smile by creating a new girls football academy!

I hope you can get behind the team with this project to put a smile to on every girls face in Gambia.

I will do a follow up blog with this, in the mean time stay blessed! Thank you for reading and many thanks in advance for your support. Jay x

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