Soccer Aid 2020

Hey guys, let’s talk about last night. What a game, right? I’m still buzzing!

Soccer Aid for Unicef, the biggest charity football match was officially back last night at 6.30pm. Back with a bang, stronger than ever before with England vs World XI FC. I’m so glad this match was able to go ahead at Old Trafford (home to Manchester United’s club) regardless of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Soccer Aid smashed it, they have pulled out all the stops to make it happen! God knows how much we needed to see this with all that’s going on around the world with COVID-19. This game was much needed for a great cause in order to raise much needed funds for Unicef. You could still donate to support Unicef’s appeal on the following link:

I watched the game with my family at home on ITV. I’m still not over this game.. it was amazingggggg! The love from England’s squad INCREDIBLE! The friendship between Yung Filly and Chunkz, WOOOOOOOOOW honestly it’s UNTOUCHABLE. Describing them as ‘two peas in a pod’ won’t even do them justice. They’re like brothers.

Yung Filly and Chunkz have take the saying of “Real family does not come from your blood. It is the people standing beside you when no one else is.” to a new level, they are LEGENDS! Looking back at this moment they will be able to share their future family. They’re making history and a legacy.

Yung Filly and Chunkz
Soccer Aid 2020

My family chilled back on the sofa as we tuned in to watch the game on the sofa. Good food, great match, perfect company was all that I needed.

Food – Fish & Chips / Meat & Chips (Supporting our local fast food restaurant, newly opened. Check them out on Instagram:

What a game! Good vibes all around. What was your favourite moment of the match? Let me know! I have so many highlights from this match, the hug between the lads is second to none. Maybe another blog for other good moments of the match stay tuned. For now have a blessed day!

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