50 Euros in Rome!

Hey guys, welcome to another blog! In today’s blog, I will write about how I spend only 50 Euros in Rome during my holiday. If you are going on holiday to Italy or any other country, give this a go! See if you can spend 50 Euros whilst having a blast.

Last year, I was given the challenge to only spend 50 Euros in Rome during my visit. My friend in Venice was disappointed when I picked to go Rome on a last min.com stay instead of visiting her in Venice. Nothing deep, it’s just I don’t like staying at someone’s house whilst on holiday unless they’re family. Hopefully, I will be able to visit her in Venice soon.

My friend took to our group chat and challenged us to only spend 50 Euros, (or equivalent in other countries) during our holiday (including travel & food) I took on the challenge on the third day in Rome. At first, I was like this is impossible! Then I gave in and gave it a go. Other friends that were in different parts of the world joined in the challenge to spend only 50 one day during the stay. We agreed to do one thing we enjoyed and to document how much we spend on things.

Before travelling I wanted to watch the Joker that came out in October 2019 with friends but things got in the way and that didn’t happen. I wanted to do a solo thing to watch the Joker. The night before I searched for the cheapest cinema in Rome that was showing the movie in November. I found Multisala Barberini, Alhambra cinema that was showing the Joker for €6 🙂 With my budget it was great but getting to it was another story.

It was over an hour a way from the place I was staying at. Not knowing much about Rome, I was excited to start my day to explore. I started my day at a local cafe. I got a black coffee and a chocolate muffin for €5.50 then I went down to the bus station and got a ticket for €1.50 – I was so glad for the internet on my phone, I was able to check locations, etc!

Also, my broken Spanish did me good talking to people to make sure I was going the right way. Solo travelling takes you out of your comfort-zone to talk to people, for me the fear of getting lost in a city that I don’t know is my biggest nightmare. I would rather speak to locals and ask for directions even if it’s in a broken language.

100 minutes on Italian buses for €1.50 wasn’t so bad! I took the bus everywhere on this day. I was in it for the ride and to explore the city more, I got off at the city city centre, I ate lunch at Ristorante S.Anna Pizzeria. Spent: €7 for pizza. Then got a large drink from a local shop at €2.50. I hopped back on the bus to get to the cinema, I got the ticket to watch the Joker for €6 👌 The movie was great and no one bothered me. I watched it so peacefully.

After the movie, I hopped back on the bus with another 100 minutes for €1.50 to go get dinner at a Lebanese restaurant. I had fafels, hummus, salad with bread alongside a drink all for €24 euros! Trust me this was a great dinner!

This challenge was amazing, I learnt how to budge, not to go over the top to have a great time on holiday. I got back to the hotel with another bus fair of €1.50 after dinner. Overall I spent €49.50 including breakfast, lunch, dinner and travel. Snacks and the movie was added bonus! So next time someone says to me Jay spend 50 Euros on holiday. I’m on it! See how you do, trust me it worth it and you can survive with just 50!

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