Justice for Shukri Abdi

Dear Londoners,

You are all incredible people for coming out together for today’s peaceful protest demanding Justice for Shukri Abdi.

Thank you everyone for an amazing, powerful and untied turnout across London towards #JusticeForShukriAbdi – A year on and there is NO justice for our dear sister’s death. We are failing to understand why… Everyone wants to know. We want answers! Together we are stronger and we must not stop saying her name until justice prevails!

We often hear and read the words “NO JUSTICE / NO PEACE” – Have you ever stopped to wonder what this means? / To me it’s more than a political slogan! It is much needed and we need more all-caps signs during protests, NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE! For our beloved children, women and men in our community… We must show to their families and loved ones that we care and that we stand with them during difficult times! If there is no peace for our people that means there is no justice!

We live in a world that is shared with the worse of people… people that think it is okay to take the lives of innocent people. We can not let this pass, we need to hold people accountable for their wrong doings! We need to be the voices that echoes together until we get justice for Shukri Abdi! There will be no peace until there is justice is severed for Shukri’s family.

When we come out in full swing – we mean business; we can not stop until there is JUSTICE FOR SHUKRI ABDI – I am so proud right now to be a Londoner. Much love to people coming out in solidarity with Shukri Abdi’s supporters and campaigners! The power of people when we are united for the same cause is amazing and it is unstoppable! This is our fight for justice and we will only stop when we get this for Shukri Abdi.

The world that we live in today, we are stronger together and we can not stop our demands for justice for our dear sister. Only 12 years old, her life has been cut short… We need to know why? And we need justice for her family! Together we need to hold accountable the systems that has failed her. Being united will go beyond today’s protest and and united we will stand towards other demonstration for Shukri Abdi.

WE ARE ONE – Together we can get justice for innocent people in our community. We could only rest when there is justice for Shurki Abdi. Together we can get the answers and peace that her family deserves.

Amazing Londoners, thank you for today’s peace protest! #JusticeForShukriAbdi

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