Team Out Here

We are out her having the best time of our lives! We are having so much fun, it’s been an amazing adventure. Best volunteers and staff out here in Jordan helping Syrian Refugees!!

This could be YOU, experiencing this life changing deployment with #TEAMHRF – You need to see it with your eyes and listen to the stories with your own ears to know and feel the emotions we are feeling out here. Subhallah, it’s a wonderful experience out here helping Syrian Refugees who have left Syria due to conflict! Regardless of everyone’s struggles all they keep saying is “Alhamdulilah”   – We have been to so many home visits and all the heartbreaking stories all end with “ALHAMDULILLAH” (Just imagine yourself out here living in Jordan as a SYRIAN REFUGEES.

Allah knows best what people have gone through and the “adventure” out here is amazing. Everyone has a different story. So much lessons to take from this trip. Every house visit is different, and all volunteers/staff are dedicated to changing the lives of thousands.

Whatever you want to do for your brothers and sisters out here in Jordan you can do it with HRF | Call me 07950645378 or email me: to get involved with this! Jazkallah Khair for all your support.












































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































The guys that was punishing him they call the doc and he’s alive. He gets take out and sent back to his family. His community to see him in that way, they put him in cab, he could only say Alhamdulillah. He turns up, his best friend don’t notice him, his friends know he was dead 4 months before. He returns home his father don’t know him, his mother knew him. His son is now 7 years old. The bathroom was dangerously bad and it’s got gas on it. And he’s giving up everything to save many people. He’s smiling and happy. He’s lucky he’s alive. He’s broken in so many was. He still has flash backs and talks to himself when he’s on the streets. He’s saved others and his Lord let him see his son. The dua is granted to see his son.

He needs and deserves good things in life. And pray treatment for family fundraising works out for him on Saturday night. He is a legendary guy to raise funds ….  Different thoughts and supporting others with fundraising for Faris and his family

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