Orphans can be happy

On Friday 26th October 2108 in the city Sunamganj in Bangladesh, Team HRF visited orphans at Eusuf Ali Orphanage.

Entering and spending time in an orphanage is a life-changing experience. As an adult, meeting the children who live there, seeing their reality, witnessing the depth of their need for permanency changes you. It has honestly made me open my eyes and heart to the real world. You can never go back to not knowing. Orphanage life also changes another population, the children who live there were so happy with the little they have.

The children smiled from cheeky to cheeky. In the room 2 children stood out for me, one boy who finished the Quran (Islam’s holy book) and we was celebrating with him in a mini graduation ceremony. He was so happy for us to share his glory moment with him!

Another little boy that stood out to me was Oliur Rahman, he was one of the boys who went up to get a good bag from HRF’s staff & volunteers. He smiled when his name was called out, if he could at that moment he would have done a celebration dance. He walked up to get his bag like nothing else mattered in the world. It was amazing to have witnessed that. He came back to his seat with the bag and I said to him “Happy?” which then he replied “yes” giving me a winning smile. That was the moment I realised no matter what hardship you go through in life you can always have a smile and be happy.

Orphans can be happy and can give others something to thing about. Here in the UK most of us are lucky, we have both parents still alive and we have the basic necessity and our needs/wants are met. In Bangladesh the reality is a whole different story and you have to go see the people for yourself to get a understanding of their lives.

At Human Relief Foundation (HRF) we take charity back to it’s original routes, helping people in their local cities, villages and camps. Going with HRF to visit Bangladesh has given me hope for a better future for the orphans. Now I can try my very best to support and ensure each child has something to smile about.  If you would like to visit any of the projects with HRF in Bangladesh supporting orphans, food, water and rohingyan refugees. Get in touch with the team. Email – london@hrf.co.uk Call – 020 7377 6759

“Smiling in the face of your brother is charity … and pouring out from your bucket into your brother’s bucket is charity.” (Authenticated by Al-Albani)


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