Personal view on marriage!

My marriage thoughts aka danager zone! You might be confused, belt up if you’re going to read… my thoughts!

Sam Keen; “We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.”

Starting a relationship is like opening a window, delicate as crafting a rare exquisite jewel, one wrong cut and you destroy what could have been a masterpiece. Just crafting one is not the end of it … Once you have such a thing, you have to value it, treasure it and cherish it. It’s all about tolerance, patience, and attention to detail… after all, is that not what we do with all our valuables? Why should relationships be any different?

Whoever is taking the time to read this; here this is kind of like having a lil chat with me, guess you must have heard the phrase that “A letter is like half a meeting”… Well this is our half meeting (whoever you are! haha)

Life is a great teacher and experience is the lesson… Not that I’m some sort of a genius who knows the answer to the mysteries of the world but yeah you could say I have been through alot and probably learnt it the hard way as I can be a lil block headed sometimes!

In life I want to be with someone who has nothing in common with me. I want him to be everything I’m not, my true another half, my truly better half. See the thing about meeting your other half is that you are walking around thinking you are happy, you think you are whole and then you meet that person and then you realize that you are not complete without them and then you can’t go back to being a half because now you know what it feels to be truly whole. You get what I mean?

I want someone who would not argue with me on who leads and who follows but would walk next to me. I want someone who would not talk to me but to me. Someone who would be a complete chatterbox and I could spend hours listening to them lol, someone who would make a story out of nothing, someones whose smile would make me forget all my worries, someone who I could just sit and watch for hours; even when they are asleep, but most importantly, someone, I could trust and have no fear in confiding in. Yes that’s right, someone who would be my better, NO – My best half…………………… WHAT THE HELL AM I SAYING? … Must be the chocolate talking… I just had a whole box πŸ˜› Excuse me!

It might sound strange but deep down I do not believe in love. I’m someone who thinks that there are other important things in a relationship, such as respect and trust and to cherish the relationship. I believe in giving people space and I prefer to be in the supporting background. For this bit, all I can say is I would catch you when you fall and help you get back on anything that you want to do in your life. Heck, I would even motivate you but whenever you wish to do something or not I would leave making that decision to you and only to you alone!

Let me tell you something errrm well, listen close, here we go… Most of my married friends tell me that holding a girl’s hand in public is not romantic, because if you let go, she will definitely go shopping… Guess it’s more to do with economics πŸ˜› Peak times! A lot of people tell me marriage is a workshop, sure, yeah right …. A workshop where the man works and the woman shops …hahah….life aye ….. Oye! Don’t make a face, just ask any married guy or his other half πŸ˜€

I read around and listened to what other people had to say for themselves for marriage; I mean just to get a general idea of how it is done… They all talk how great of a catch they are, like how awesomeness flows in them like a river and their aura is so warm and winsome …… muahahaha …. (excuse me, to pause to laugh my head off ) …. seriously? :0

Me … I’m not perfect … I got flaws… I can be moody, I can be annoying … I can get hungry and ask for a sandwich in the middle of the night … I may wake up early and attempt to make breakfast… (might burn it in the process and be like babe you make the food for me! Alright, to the future husband who can cook! )

Sometimes, I forget to pick something I was told to pick up on my way home… Sometimes I need to be nagged to get something done as I may be lazy …… In other words I ammmm human and so what πŸ™‚ I’m just an ordinary everyday girl ….. πŸ™‚ and if your the one who gets stuck with me …. Remember I take my tea with two sugars πŸ˜› – We are out of the “women in the kitchen” time zone!

Dear gent, I’m on your side too as I have never been able to figure out the female dictionary … You know like the one when you ask them, if everything is okay, they say “it is okay” and then they go like “errrm….nothing, forget it!” – In other words, they are telling you that you better figure it out what about, where you went wrong … or when girls say “We need to talk” which means, ooooh boy you are in big trouble …. lol come on ladies, men are not mind readers, I promise to be straight up and honest with my feelings to you!

Don’t worry about them times when a girl asks you “Do you think I’m fat?” – With peak consequence if you don’t answer back with a big “NOOOOOOO” in a split second without even looking at her…. you won’t be doomed by me as I won’t ask you that!

Dear future husband, I hope you picked up on what I have been trying to say in an indirect way….lol of course you haven’t – Your a man, you don’t care about any of the above! Haha cool anyways, I would marry you with the condition that you’re a better cook than me πŸ™‚ Do we have a deal?

For now I leave you with my favourite quote; “When talking about marriage, Allah says your spouses are garments for you. A garment may or may not fit perfectly – but either way, it covers imperfections, protects and beautifies.” Yasmin Mogahed

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