I have few friends who are orphans and I see them as an inspiration because sometimes I feel that they have an advantage of independence of opinion and a broader perspective. I then look on the other side of an orphan child in less developed country… They are like a solider, they live not only without their parents but whole family. Don’t look at an orphan as they are hopeless as they have a goals/dreams  – especially a child in a poor country against any odds.

When we orient our life around people/emotions it gets tough. But when we start working to achieve our goals we grow personally. I have always told my friends if you have a goal you are not an orphan. Please let’s give a goal together for a child. Please donate today to sponsors an orphan child; www.justgiving.com/HRFAmeen

Your sponsorship will help provide a child with healthcare, education, shelter, food, clothing and any other basic things In Sha Allah. Human Relief Foundation are supporting orphans in Iraq, Syrian Refugees, Rohingya, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan.

Real orphans are those who think they have parents to look after them every time and they have many ‘significant’ aims in their lives In Sha Allah. You can be a parent figure to a child today by sponsoring one child for a full year at £420 or £35 per month.

Something I heard a friend say to our orphan friend will always stick with me! She said so positively; “Be your own father and scold yourself when you do something dumb. Be your own mother and love yourself when you get demotivated by people. Be independent, be you.” Awesome, just awesome!

Let’s give a motivation to a child in a poor country, let’s lend a helping hand today and be the answer to someone’s prayers. #Ameen.

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