Quench the thirst

I was inspired by the challenge my friends have set for me taking pictures of dogs with me for donations. This is something that I want to continue and raise much needed funds for needy countries.

All of you know the authentic Hadeeth in which the Prophet (SAW) said; “A prostitute woman entered Jannah.”

When asked why did she entered Jannah?

He replied back; “She quenched the thirst of a dog.”

^^ If this was the reward for giving water to a dog – forgiveness of sins, then how about the following things;
– A person who quenches the thirst of people in a needy country?
– A person who brings water towards poor people giving them the ability to grow lively hoods trees and plants for food in community?

Our believed Prophet (SAW) also said,

“O you who have believed, respond to Allah and to the Messenger when he calls you to that which gives you life” – (08:24)

Think about the following ideas for a moment… if you was to build a community well for a poor village, how many lives would you be saving? Is this something that you see yourself doing to have mercy on the creations of Allah (SWT) How much thankfulness will you bring to a community for having water access to clean water?

The greatest gift & the greatest thing that you can give to another person is WATER 💙

Please if you’re in any way motivated by the women who entered Jannah for her kind heart giving water to a dog. And you want to build a community well in Africa or somewhere around the world do get in touch with me and together we can make it happen! Call/Text to find out about water projects with HRF on 079 5064 5378 and we soon can build a community well for the needy.

May Allah protect us and you and forgive us for our wrong doings no one is perfect in this life. If you want to give water wells towards poor countries please don’t hesitate to contact me on 079 5064 5378 and we can sort one out for you soon!

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