Same Old Things… like which decade is better
The 90’s, 80’s, 70’s or the 60’s?
Well, well, well each decade had it’s advantages and each had it’s disadvantages
The good things and the bad things!
I guess the same can be said for the 00’s and the 10’s
I’m a 90’s kid; the same decade that we got the TV show “Friends” 🙂
Same Old Things… like which football team is better
City, Arsenal, United, Chelsea or Liverpool?
Well, well, well each club had it’s chances, had their time…
We stood by them through the good times and the bad
The same goes for every other team!
I’m an Arsenal l fan, Gunners till the day I die, united for the dream team!


Same Old Things… like which sex is better
Males or Females?
Well, well, well each are equal but have more sexes to compete with these days
We might hate our opposites at times but we love them really                                                    As they say hate is the opposite to love. Let’s love one another equally!

Same Old Things… like which country is better
England, Russia, Finland, China, Japan, USA or any other country?
Well, well, well we all have our problems, we all have our good points!
Leaders might argue and fight but social networks have connected us
Our leaders might not realise but we have many things in common with each other than we ever know!
Today we are all united in our goals and our dreams
Together this is the statement that is true, united we all are!

Same Old Things… but some times, things go to far
People get hurt and one word fixes most things…..
—- SORRY —

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