P.S stop looking!

If getting yourself fed takes an effort then you’re doing it wrong. Food is something to celebrate and eating should be a pleasure, not a waiting game or with regrets.  Don’t eat if the food isn’t worth it.

Been to a strange small town’s café with creepy vibes. I should have walked straight back out as soon as I found out they served egg and soldiers for dinner rather than simple food or sandwiches. I would have been more than happy if the service was friendly and quick. Insane to find a café that don’t have sandwiches and snacks – what a disaster!

Such a horrible small town café. I’m never setting a foot into their door again. What I found the problem to be was the atmosphere of the café. A cup of hot chocolate took more than 20 minutes. It was getting to the point I wanted to just walk out and get decent hot chocolate from Costa. Such a shame I was in the middle of no where; no place to go get decent food or hot chocolate.

As I waited patiently, a table catch my eye, it had on pretty flowers in a jar. Near it was a candle and P.S (pepper and salt)  I teased my friend how hunted the café was but girl just carried on looking at the cafe’s menu and admiring the lights. Until I said; “P.S is looking at us, let’s get out” The café literally gave me the creeps.  Glad to have been out of it, at least the hot chocolate was worth the wait.

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