Get my name right

Funny kid from high school had this little outburst on Twitter this morning! And it made me really think: how important is it to spell names right? It seems it’s not very important if it’s someone else’s name but very important if it’s yours! Right?

My own name is a bit of a spelling nightmare. Juweyria is  usually spelled with an e in English (the e is completely silent), so people often write it as Juwyria or even Juwariah which is a more common name. To a lot of people call me; Jay, JayJay, J or Jo but I’m definitely not Joe (same pronunciation but that’s a man’s name).

So people often spell my name wrong. Do I mind? Yes! Well, no! But yes! And no! Intellectually, of course not: my name isn’t easy, people are dumb, people are busy, life is short, what does it matter? But my gut feeling is: ‘that’s not me!! – I’m Juweyria’

The spelling of our name is part of our identity. Of course my mother didn’t spell my name this way so that others can get it wrong or think it’s a mission to get it right.

And of course sometimes it really does matter, because if someone types my misspelled name into Google they might find somebody far more interesting than me! Or send emails offering me an all-expenses paid trip to the World’s greatest adventures; which may never get to me (not the spam kind- they always get through).

What about you? How important is it that people spell your name right?

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