Black History Month…2017

I went out with a Somali dirac (dress) to celebrate with my African besties Black History Month. Many of us usually gather together every year to mark the legacy of this month. It’s my turn to host this year, so I thought what better way to educate and celebrate with others Horn of Africa!!

Tonight we ate at ‘Number Four’ – Somali restaurant in Enfield. Myself along with 9 others rocked up to the restaurant. The employees were so shocked to see my mates who are not Somalian dressed in dirac. Since the start of the month I have been teaching my besties Somali tradition; some of them are even learning good Somali words. I feel like a proud mamma teaching her kids ABCs/123s. I’m so overjoyed and excited that my besties will embrace Somali culture a lot more.

Many people think there is nothing special about Somalia with what is seen on the Media. This is heart breaking and upsetting. Somalia is named Horn of Africa, the country map is shaped like a rhinoceros horn. Somalia is strong. Somalia will survive!!

Having the shape of Rhino horn on our side just shows that Somalia will be successful.  Rhino horn is used for traditional Chinese medicine and over the years it becoming a symbolic to display someone’s success and wealth. This is faith speaking for Somalia. I have strong feeling from this symbol of the horn Somalia will be at a better place.

Pray for Somalia and keep Somali people in your memory for Black History Month. Have a wicked Month 🙂

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