Fright Night with Interpal

I am so excited for an adventure as Fright Night is back for another year. Join Interpal for a frightful challenge. What better way to have fun on a sunday, eyyyyy?  Challenge yourself and test your fear levels… do you have what it takes to steady your nerves?

Thorpe Park is absolutely sooooooooo fly once you’ve crossed that bridge onto the Island. Join in park’s Fright Nights as “The island changes after dark” I’m sure going to grab my mates and will get ready for the most terrifying night of my life. Will I be seeing you on the other side? You can survive the wild challenge by coming to Fright Night with Interpal?

Get your place for this event today, to avoid disappointment. What better way to celebrate then to join me for a pleasant surprise. Come along on Sunday 8th October 2017 for a frightful experience. An experience to rememeber for a life time. Worth your time if you ask me, what do you think?

Book your ticket: or contact me to find out more information.

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