Age is no guarantee of maturity.

Age is no guarantee of maturity. “You’re acting like a child” – “And that’s a bad thing …. Because?” As we hit a certain age it’s no longer considered okay to have child-like qualities and we were quickly programmed to connect adulthood with being more mature and correctly put together.  

Being “mature” means having or showing the mental and emotional qualities of an adult. Being a grown up often equals stress, frustration, exhaustion, responsibility, worry, and so on. We are told to let go of our child-like qualities to quest of a responsible life. But who got to decide that this was the best policy for growing up? Who made the decision that you must leave behind your childhood to become an adult?

What really annoys me is that we are set from early age these days to strive for maturity and acting like an adult. I strongly believe we could 100% benefit from more adults viewing the world as a place of possibility, rather than a sinkhole of responsibility.

I would personally always be a kid at heart. Why? – Kids have it right in a lot of ways. They are curious, bizarre and funny about the world around them. They are caring without expecting much in return. They laugh and smile at the simplest things. They enjoy spending time with the people they love and those they trust the most. They express their emotions when they feel them. They have an enthusiasm for life and an unwavering joy. Kids see the world through hope of coloured lenses where anything is possible. This is how I see the world, I always will be a kid at heart.

Our world could benefit from more adults laughing and smiling at the simple things. We can surely benefit from more adults spending quality time with the people closest to them. We could benefit from more adults expressing their emotions and then getting over them (kids are great at this.)

“When our little people are overwhelmed by big emotions it’s our job to share our calm, not join their chaos.” L.R Knost.

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