You’re beautiful

“You’re beautiful, you’re beautiful, you’re beautiful it’s true”  – James Blunt’s hit, truly so spot on.

Something happened a little earlier that made me laugh. Needed to share it with you. My reunion with my childhood best friend Bianca. Getting together with her makes me cheerful, bubbly and playful. Bianca is a dream teacher so we always playing to be precise and having fun. – TOP NOTCH!!

She was pretending to be me and I was being her (me, trying to copy her poshness) She sat opposite me at the coffee table and wrote in notepad; mimicking the way I speak. I, in turn, talked non-stop about football and when she’s coming back to London for good. After a few minutes of imitating me here’s what she said: “I don’t want to be you anymore, Jay. It’s too hard. I just want to be me.” Perfect, I don’t need another me, one me is enough. 😉

What’s more important in life than being yourself and loving who you are? Eyyyy? Most of us live someone else’s life. We act out the lives our parents wish for us. Or we behave as our neighbours expect us to. Or the way society tells us to behave. And we dismiss self happiness as a result.

Fulfilment/true achievement comes from living your life to the truth. Doing your own values. Pursuing your dreams. “This above all: to thine own self be true” – by Shakespeare.  Peeerfeccccccctly said.

No point in getting to the end and realizing you never let the real you come out to play. A great life grows from an authentic one. Keep shining, be you. You’re beautiful.

Friendship promise between me and Bianca to ‘always be true; to ourselves, don’t worry about the small things’ – Shout out to Bianca my BABES!!


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