Being in the Charity Sector…

Being in the charity sector pushes and pulls people to be better. It drains and fuels – it beats and strengths someone – hurts and helps to get it together. I’m a sole example to this from the Pal ExPo 2017 event preparing and on event itself on both days.

One thing I have learnt is to keep it calm, stay humble to love others what you love for yourself. The past is the past and as long as you can make someone’s future for the better at the current time is the way forward.

Staying around positive mind filled people gets you motivated to do better. Friends who are there for you on your worse/hard times stay with you a life time.

Doing your part for the ummrah/world is essential part of life. I strongly believe if you want to achieve your best a friendly competition won’t hurt. Drives you to keep it going and makes your mind set stronger.

Just want to end this by saying in the world there are many disadvantaged people –  give in to charity; this sector alone is not enough for help to go around. Hit me up if you would like to sponsor a child in need!!
^^ Sponsor a child in Palestine and around different countries if it’s possible for you. J x

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