Get out of your comfort zone!!

Poetry event hosted by Shaniqua at Young People Insight!! Mission getting to Croydon but me and my sister made it – in one piece. The topic on the night for poems was on ‘LIFE’ so I had written two pieces on the event day to go prepared for the event.

This was the most nervous poem read ever!! The nervousness nearly got the better of me on stage. I cracked up and lost my words few times. 😂 Thank God, it was a small group; a very supportive bunch people. Motivational to do it again getting better for next time; without messing up. Being dyslexic I don’t shy away from writing. It takes me long to write and read to make sense of things but I get there in the end.  That’s what matters in the end. Right?

Thanks to Young People Insight – I’m interested to getting back to poetry just like it used to be before. Themed poems every month maybe 🤔 I rate 💯 poets and spoken word artists. Hats offffff to them, well done. Being on stage isn’t easy, so having a good audience does help!! If you go to events make sure to be good. 😉

Get out of your comfort zone and do something you would enjoy doing. Don’t care about what others say or what they think. Do you want and you will go a long way in life. Focus on the goal that you want to achieve. Don’t let anyone hold you back. 🏁🏁🏁 J x

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