Good Energy Is Contagious!!

Good energy is contagious, it all starts with energy!!

Positive vibes and good energy goes along way, whether you know it or not, your energy is very contagious!! When you passionately and enthusiastically share your stories it inspires others. Whatever the story may be about you or anything else; put in good energy and you’re up there with the good vibes for story line excitement!!

For instance, if someone tells you an exciting story; you feel your energy rise with them, just like when you suddenly find your feet tapping to beat of the music/sound. This is the same thing, which we get from fundraising for worthy causes.

Being a fundraiser has its good energy which then it becomes contagious for everyone else!! I hope you can agree with me on that. Energy is essential to motivating and inspiring others, which is what I always keep in mind.

My father always used to tell me to ‘think of motivation as your reasons for doing something and think of inspiration as your ideas of what to do, don’t rush things.’ Think about this, I won’t go into details for you.

I would love to get the Orphans/Needy Children sponsored under my wing but I really don’t have the funds to support 6 children in one go.  That’s why – I’m going to use the good energy to get Orphans/Needy children sponsored in War Zone countries.

The Holy Prophet (SAW) said: “I and one who maintains an orphan would be together in Paradise in the presence of Allah, in the same way as these two fingers are together.”

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