Stressed or Silly?

I am I stressed or just being silly? Is the one million dollar question!!

My stressed level is increasingly high, I ain’t physically showing it but you can see it all over the spots on my face. The month of Ramadan has yet to start & I’m here, already starting to get stressed out.  I would say ‘peak my life’ at this point but I won’t as my life is great at this current time.

I’m I being silly getting over stressed? Or is it me just being me? Come to think of it this shouldn’t be the case but it is. It’s come to the time that I must admit; I need help guys – helping me ease the work load from this upcoming Ramadan. In Sha Allah.

It would be awesome to see new faces to get involved with Interpal ‘Helping Palestinians In Need’ and support with upcoming Live Appeals and Mosque Collections. Whatever your skills are, it can be helpful for the charity. Get in touch with me and the team to find out ways you can help the charity.

Get in touch to make me look silly rather than me being stressed out!! I would rather pick silliness than being stressed out. “Volunteers don’t necessarily have the time they have the heart” has been said countless times and I can fully back this up.

Here I am remembering Interpal, this wonderful charity on days from 2013 during my studies, finding time to be involved raising funds for Palestine. The place that firmly has a place in my heart!!

Help me, help them today; ‘Helping Palestinians In Need’. Together we can do this!!

Could you answer the million dollar question – Am I stressed or just being silly?




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