Say NO to stress!!

The stress I placed upon my shoulders is going to crush me hard and knock me offfffff my feet. I must get rid of it soon before it’s too late – before I explode. I don’t need to be perfect as no one is. I don’t need to get it all together, as not all is apart. No one cares if you have it together or not just a matter of fact staying calm under pressure which I am working on.

I certainly don’t need to please everyone; as that’s a lame thing and it won’t work out very well. I know I need to place that heavy burden on the ground with my head on the floor. Praying to my creator and asking for stress relief outcome.

I have been told “throw it into the sea – the stress will go” but how can I when my area doesn’t have a sea in sight. Sea to throw stress on errrmm, that surely won’t be the case as it won’t work. Will it? Nahhh right?

Expel it from your being – scream it out the stress; surely this I must give it ago again as it has worked in the past; but I can’t surely people will hear me scream on top of my lungs. Been told also go boxing to relief stress levels on the boxing pads. Where do I find an only ladies gym for boxing? I can’t train with lads so the search is on for a ladies’ only gym. Suggestions are welcome; so hit me up if you know a good place to do boxing.

Stress will be lighter in my mind, body and soul. Really? How comes it’s not light yet upon me. When I get stressed, I stress big time on a next level. So I’m going to stay calm best way possible. I’ll say NOOOO to stress without explanation.

I just need a break from stress, free me, stress needs to send me on holiday like ASAP!!

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