Eid Mission For Somalia

Living in the UK, most of us are lucky enough to say that we have not seen too much conflict in our lifetime. Well in all honesty there are people in the world who wake up every morning in a warzone!!

There has never been a war in the UK like war in Syria, Iraq, Somalia and other parts of the world. I honestly find it worthwhile to understand countries that have seen chaos for years. For instance, not many people know Somalia is a 24/7 warzone country for many young kids and others.

Did you know that any person born in Somalia who is less than or exactly 30 years old, has lived in a warzone for all of their lives; never knowing what it’s like to have peace? Myself, a Somalian born individual would have never known what peace is – if I was still living in Somalia.

I am forever thankful to my lord; to Allah for giving me and my family a better life here in the UK, away from a warzone – away from my home country of Somalia. May Allah make it easy for the many of our brothers and sisters still living in Somalia regardless of the warzone. “Count your blessings” – I do this everyday and I pray for others, for better days to come. In Sha Allah.  May everyone live in peace in their countries, I pray for world peace!!

On the eastern coast of Africa, also known as the Horn of Africa surrounded by neighbouring countries of Kenya, Ethiopia and Djibouti. Somalia today stands on the edge of dying out with millions of people being affected of droughts and famine.

Myself and my cousin would love to bring joy, happiness and laughter to many people in our home town Somalia in Mogadishu for the upcoming Eid after Ramadan.  Help us, join us to unite to raise our first £1,000 for Somalia towards our ‘Eid Mission For Somalia.’ https://www.gofundme.com/eidmissionforsomalia We are hoping to raise £5,000 by the upcoming Eid for as many people as possible to celebrate EID.

We hope to do an event or few events to raise the funds for the mission – so if you are reading this and you owe a business, restaurant or are stall holder, please get in touch with me on 079 5064 5378 to find on how you can support with this MISSION.

Thank you and please remember to want for others what you want for yourself.  Please DONATE today or get in touch to support us.  “Find joy in your life and bring joy to others” Juweyria 😀

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