A child with AUTISM is amazing!!

What is the definition of AUTISM? ___ This is ‘a mental condition, present from early childhood, characterised by great difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people and in using language and abstract concepts.’

I am writing this towards Autism as part of the ‘World Autism Awareness Day’ – this is a topic that not many people take seriously but yet many people are affected by it in the world. Sad truths.

I want to point out an important part of this topic A CHILD WITH AUTISM. Children are the best people of this world; (no doubt) they brighten our darkest days and yet make us smile on sad days. A child gifted with Autism is a special child, as the child is different from all other children.

Having mental condition from early childhood for a child is the worst nightmare for any parent in the world. This is something parents learn to get on and supporting the child is not easy but they get on with it without any fuss. This is really amazing – wear BLUE today and support people touched by Autism.

Many people need to understand that “A child with Autism is not ignoring you. They are waiting for you to enter their world” So tailor make your ways to enter their world. Being different is beautiful ❤

Autism pushes and pulls people, to drain and fuel – it beats and strengths someone– hurts and helps. It’s a part of someone’s life as it grows part of a child and many learn to be thankful for it. No complaining just gets that acceptance within from early childhood. So today put yourself in someone’s shoes, wear BLUE coloured clothing and be there for someone.

A person with AUTISM is ____ Awesome, Unique, Talented, Important, Special, Miracle 😀


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