An inspiration from my revert friend

My friend of 12 years has been raised in a Christian family, in a Christian school, her beloved parents giving her bible lessons at home and with all the upmost Christian traditions up-bring. She knew the bible, but she was never really fully satisfied. She always used to say; she couldn’t live by this book and didn’t feel comfortable in churches.

While she grew up older with age; she noticed her interest in exploring other religions and cultures. I knew then it was just an interest, not to change her religion which was no way an option for her at the time in her mind!!

She would find that a lot of what other religions were saying had a truth in them (mainly in Islam) However, at the time she personally could never accept this whole religion as the truth. It was because it was the same as her believes in Christianity!!

From time to time; she began to think purely that there was truth in everything and believed it didn’t really matter what you believed in or what you followed. Surely she thought this is a form of escaping from going to churches on Sundays. For her always questioned, she thought does this made sense: one truth for one person and another for someone else? There can only be one truth right?

Early age, she always knew in her heart that there is a god and she can always turn to him with all her prayers which gave her the biggest strength, the biggest support and most importantly – the biggest love in life. God sees and knows all – surely it was that simple for her to acknowledge!!

In the summer of 2011; she went on holiday to Turkey with mutual Muslim friends and visited a great mosque. With every step she took, the more she felt the presence of God with her. It was such a great feeling… like home. She felt calm, relaxed and peaceful.

A mutual Muslim friend taught her more about Islam and at first she felt confused but prayed – “Ohhhh, Please God, I am so confused, please guide me to the truth” is what she reported to have said at the time. Then she heard the Asr/ afternoon prayer calling – adhan. She then felt so calm, relaxed and peaceful again. This is when she discovered Islam in her heart. From that date onwards she was a Muslim taking her speech to becoming a Muslim at the spot in that mosque.

Something I have grown with her saying of is that … “it is the true Islam as described in the Quran. Not the Islam that we get taught about in the West.” She reads the Quran and feels the purity and the truth of it. There is no mysticism, just plain simply understanding of the truth. If you want the truth about Islam pick up the holy Quran and read that then make up your mind. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover – cover of what the Muslims and others show you. Islam is perfect Muslims ain’t so don’t  judge the religion judge the people if you must.

To end with – For everyone there is only one God. Islam is the religion of love and tolerance. Peace!!

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