Support Marquee Musallah Appeal

What is ‘A Musalla’? This you might be thinking. So here, let me quickly open up by saying a musalla (also, known as musallah) is an open space, usually an outside area like a mosque which is used for praying. An example of this is at large Eid celebration gathering where everyone prays together at a park, or in a public place for all to pray. The word ‘salla’ simply means to “to pray” The origin of ‘salla’ is in the Arabic language. Salla is a variant of the name ‘SALAH’

Al Fitrah organisation has launched “Marquee Musallah Appeal” on 20th January 2017. Visit for more information on:  This is aimed for their largest event of Eid in the park which has proven success year in year out. Eid in the park or officially known as 1Eid; is an enjoyable festival to celebrate. The coming together of Muslims families and their neighbours, friends to celebrate and enjoy ‘feast’.

1Eid has been running a decade and yet after 10 years nothing has changed. Why? Well, because it is run by a hardworking, sincere and dedicated volunteers who give up their time after Ramadan to support on the day of Eid Al Fitrah. For more information please visit;

Let me give you three top reason why YOU should support and donate to a musallah. Firstly, it is a forever lasting continuous charity AKA Sadaqah Jaariyah for islamic term. Secondly, you can donate under the memory of someone; maybe a loved one who passed away, on behalf of parents or under your children/family’s name. Lastly, donating can purify your wealth  as; “Charity does not in any way decrease the wealth” –The Prophet Muhammad-PBUH.

Why donate towards Al Fitrah’s Marquee Musallah Appeal? Well, if you look a look benefits and rewards more than the money amount or the why you won’t question yourself. Just ‘go with the flow’ donate any amount of money even £1.00 can make an impact!! As the lecturer at Al Fitrah the one and only…. Ustadh Jalal Ibn Sa’eed said “Give with your right hand, the left hand doesn’t have to know.” Simply putting it as donate righteously with good intention giving with your right hand and not counting with left hand. Turn a blind hand and give with true intention. May you be all be rewarded in advance supporting the appeal.

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