Give Couleur Café a visit.

For years I have walked past Barking Station, Couleur Café and not thought twice of stepping inside the café. My favourite place for hot chocolate; no where beats or comes close to Costa. Well that was my thought anyways as I only love hot drinks from Costa Coffee.

Two weeks ago I stepping inside Couleur Café as I was desperate and needy of a good hot chocolate and Costa Coffee was no where near. So I walked in and said “Hot chocolate to go please” the guy looked at me thinking what are you worried about. At one point he looked at me and said “Are you okay?” I wanted to just say please make my hot chocolate like Costa but nah I lied I said “I’m fine” Understatement. I wanted to have a good hot chocolate before I went into work, praying their drink was good.

Couleur Café has been open many years, long before I even knew many people would be like “I’m waiting outside the café at barking station” Then I would get the directions to the café as a meeting spot for me and my friends.  This café is good priced and value for money. I can officially say give shops a chance even if they not your best place to drink from.

What makes Couleur Café unique and special is that they have good cocoa which is incredibly tasty and vast selection of smooth chocolates.  They have coco-chocolate which finishes the drink sparked at the end which is a fantastic finish to a perfect drink.

You order your drink in the corner of the café behind the counter to a friendly staff member taking your order. The service is fast and they make their hot drinks with love with a warmly smile on their face along with a friendly chat. I really like the way the staff conducts themselves.

The Friday which followed the week before, I went back as I was taking the same route to work from Barking Station. I had work to do so I had a chocolate to ‘Stay in’ the atmosphere of the café was friendly and chilled out. Enough for me to focus and get my work done. The manager was friendly and helped her staff members effectively.

Final verdict; I enjoyed my hot chocolate … although next time I think I will order a dessert to go with the drink or ask if they have cream to go with the drink. It is surely a place worth trying for anyone. Especially, if you have a sweet tooth. Couleur Café, Barking Station is the place to go when in a rush and need a quick fix of hot drink.












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