Happy International Women’s Day 2017

“A strong woman knows she has enough strength for her journey, but a praying woman knows it’s her journey, where she’ll gain her strength” – Quoted by Luke Easter.

Women of the world break in different parts; a strong woman, a real woman, a prayerful woman, a successful woman, a righteous woman, a woman with purpose, a supportive WIFE and a great mother.

A strong woman becomes strong because of the pain she been faced and won. Strong woman to me, are the women’s in Africa and poor countries who look after their families and survive hard times. These are the type of woman not even a steel metal could knock them down. They are strong at the heart and stay blessed no matter what life throws at them.

A real woman always stays real and picks herself up from the ground to rise above and beyond difficult measures. They are the type of women that break down in secret but face the wold with fearless power!! Shout to the women of the world who keep it REAL and stay LOYAL to who they are. Women who know how to dust themselves off and start all over again.

A prayerful woman; well “prayer is a powerful tool in the hands of a kingdom woman” they are the ones who demonstrate faith by acting on God’s words. These type of women who learn from the mistakes of yesterday, but keep eyes of hope on tomorrow!! Religion can be one of the greatest blessings to all faiths because of the feeling of dependency. If you have no religion pray anyways for God will be there for you no matter what. Stay blessed, my God be with us all – everyday and everywhere!!

A successful woman are not successful business ones only – they are those women who use life problems as a stepping-stone to get to where they want to go. They are the ones who don’t take forward negative remarks and are strong-minded women, to become successful in life. Bare in mind of the famous saying by Vince Lombardi; “Winners don’t quit and quitters don’t win.”

A righteous woman set herself high stands, morals and live according to that standard. The are the type of women who don’t get into witty and pointless arguments. They respect them as putting disciplines for herself and her children with great care and wisdom. They have respect to everyone and family, friends and other people give them the same respect back to her. Be this type of women and be righteous in your actions and by your words.

A woman with purpose basically look at it like this; “A woman who walks in purpose doesn’t have to chase people or opportunities. Her light causes people and opportunities to pursue her.” – Anne Nwakama. Women of purpose have confidence to grow and do things. They have the strengths and don’t give up or give in to anything. Be the type of women who people always look up to and admire for being who you are!!

A supportive wife and a great mother; well I’m sure you heard of the sayings of “Behind every successful man is a great woman & A wife is her husband’s backbone” Be this type of wife and be a great mother to the children that you raise. Children learn more from what you are than what you teach so teach them well and set them on the right path for a bright future.

From me to you – I wish you all a happy International Women’s Day 2017

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