First Day Of School – flashback!!

It’s that time again for another flashback of the past!! Here we go again, follow me into a journey of “first day of school.” September 2007 my first day in year 7.

The day where you wake up in a sweat, shaken from a dream with your side alarm clock doesn’t go off and you are late. That strong feelings start to run inside you so badly of the impact of that the “first day of school.” All mixed feelings of excitement, overwhelmed and fear for such a big day of life. Thank goodness, the school won’t too far from my house.

Vivid memory of the first day of year 7 is still in my head, like it was today. My older sister and my neighbour got me ready for school for school, helping me with my tie. I swear I hated it – I could have worn my polo t-shirt to school. The high-school uniform I hated so much I wanted to burn it in the summer before school started. Shame I didn’t – this lead to me to wearing it for school.

The jump from year 6 to year 7 is MASSIVE!! A world into high school life felt so much to bare for a small child like me. I wanted to fake morning sickness –vomit, to stay at home all day as a strong thought. This is something I didn’t do just in case you’re wondering.

You probably know too well that well known saying; “you only have one chance – to make a first impression.” The same principle applies as you only get one “first day of school.” Just that the first day memory sticks with you for a lifetime.

I remember that walk out of my house to go to school. I swear my heart-beat was so loud, it felt like an earthquake taking place. Fear that the ground was sucking me inside but I was saved… my sister grabbed my hand and my neighbour my other hand. We walked then went to my first friends house to pick her up on the way, then couple of roads later we picked up my Somalian best friend. Fake smile painted my face, it came into practice. My friends thought I was excited and happy to be starting school. Little did they know, that the whole time I was crying inside!! Sad times but that fake smile made me get by my “first day of school.”

We walked into the school’s entrance, by staff we were told to line up with the form/class we were in. Class 7’s was ours –myself and my two best friends got in the line standing next to each other. Moments later, we were then told stand in the line alphabetically. So I took my sad face walk to the front of the line due to my surname.

There I was so short next to a funny looking man AKA my form tutor whom I will be stuck with for the high school life journey. He stood there holding a massive poster of “7’s” with a superman logo at the bottom of it. All I wanted was my friends to stand next to me; holding my hands, to know I am safe and in good place.

Class by class, students lead by their tutor they went inside the school. My tutor smiled at me, I faked smiled back to him. In all honesty, I wanted to RUN-RUN back to my house!! We followed on in a straight line like an army. I felt like an ant near the leader of the walk.

A while into the walk, doors-after-doors, BANG!! The walk was over following Giant Mr. I was able to breath again, PHHHEW – Happy Days!! The journey of my “first day of school” just started as we sat down into the class-room. Giant Mr started the register, calling names after names to know everyone’s here. He called out my name first ‘Juweyria?’ but he wrong, said it in a strange way I thought really MAN!!??  I didn’t care nor did I want all eyes on me by correcting him. My name passed, marked as present. As the voice started to fade away, I fixed my eyes to the clock above the white board; counting down the hours until I am free to GOOOOO HOME!! Getting my “first day of school” over and done with.

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