Reflection of LIFE

The past year of 2016, was a rough year for lots of us  and I’m certainly, definitely I’m no exception!! The wonders of this world and personal setbacks, it was a very tough year for myself. More than anyone could imagine; more than I have let on in fact a lot more!!

Something that is for sure which I kept in mind is; “…verily after every difficulty there is relief.” Quran Al-Sharh 94:5-6

Leaving everything behind I know for sure I have my health and security!! These two things are the most important things which I’m very grateful for. I didn’t go through any significant major issues, personal losses but this was a lot harder, longer and rougher year than I thought it would be.

Having said that; there were many great and wonderful moments which have balanced out the bumpy year of the past. Just like the pervious years: 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011 I’m NOW 100% more reminiscing as I go through the best to come of this year!! I’m very optimistic and praying for a good year ahead of me if I’m still alive to see another day.

This year – I hope to be doing the yearly list a bit differently. I’m thinking of the great moments that were the craziest, insane and lively experiences or the most beautiful, relaxing and all rounded most unique activities – Keeping them all in mind… Then trying to  now reflect and narrow them down to the calm moments where I felt the strongest JOY… Recreating and building on great memories with those whom I love.

2017 is the year to enjoy life; make great memories and stay on the right path to blessed ways to have fun in this short life. Living in the moments and just embracing the little great things of this world. For so I will need to “enjoy the little things in life for one day you’ll realize they were the big things.”  I am now going to enjoy life as a great man once told ME “Enjoy life now!! This is not a rehearsal.” – I agree million times and over, so I will do just that so I hope you do the same too. Enjoy life as it’s short one!! – PEACE 🙂 xx




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