Islamic Marriage Events – Beautiful.

So many types of events all around the heart beat of the UK; varying from dinners, fun-days, tea parties and many more to pick from. The event I want to focus on is Islamic Marriage Events which now-a-days are soaring in popularity due to traditional arranged marriages being in decline. Why get set up to be married to a stranger when you can go to an event and find yourself the right spouse?

I’ll be totally honest with you; when I first heard of such event I was not coming to terms with such idea, not at any means. I could not comprehend why one would attend such an un-romantic, awkward gathering and have interest in strangers. Growing up, opening up about things and seeing many events: I now truly understand the importance of those marriage events.

Like Sheikh Khalid Yasin said before; “Getting married is easy; staying married is a hard decision and finding the right partner is hard work” I guess 5 years ago, I never would have understood this but opening up and learning about things, I am understanding now.

For the sisters; I guess looking for marriage is scary, terrifying and the least thing that they would expect to want to do. Now-a-days doing a search for ‘Mr Right’ or that one person on deen; practicing brother with good manners is not the easiest things to spot on. I love the idea of having Islamic gathering; everything running smooth – system set up for sisters to help with their search.

As for the brothers; although I think they will be fine finding a wife just well. There are many that are shy and going to an Islamic Marriage Event, will be what they need in-terms of getting support, guide and motivation to finding a wife to complete half of their deen in this life. In Sha Allah, one in which they can live happily ever after with in Jannah!!

All backgrounds of Muslim communities for sisters’ looking for marriage and finding the right person to spend time with is now becoming really difficult. My older friends have noticed that with all the tad bit of anxiety, nervousness and fear attending a marriage event is a crying out-loud for help. I have upmost respect for the sisters and brothers that go to these events to finding a spouse. I pray for them to have a successful result and for them to get their significant other half in due time.

In London alone, the rise for Islamic Marriage Events are on the arisen. I pray that everyone looking to get married to have a remarkable experience at these type of events and victory to find that right person. These events now-a-days appear to be a great idea as anyone from any background can go to meet a mass of men/women looking for the same thing. As the set up of these events are beautiful and are awesome as they are halal-ly set as possible.

I hope and I pray to God that for everyone to a positive look of Islamic Marriage Events and that no one is naïve as I was 5 years ago about these events. Great triumph to everyone looking to settle down and get married. May all of you; who are looking for marriage be successful at it. I wish for you all a great union and happiness to have a blessed life when married, as marriage is the greatest blessing.

I leave you with some great sayings of “I don’t need a ring. I need his deen. I’d prefer him taking me to Jannah and making me his queen” and The Prophet; peace and blessing of Allah be upon him saying, “There is nothing better for two who love each other than marriage” Sahih Al-Jami, 5200

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