Staying true to yourself – Deepest thoughts.

Another year has passed and graduation season is definitely, almost upon us and even if you don’t have family members or friends of graduates you know the time is near. As each year passes by whenever I see new graduates out to dinner or a lunch or just randomly taking photos with their friends and family members I can help but to wonder. I get the feeling to start to reflect on the life I have built; living and the decisions I made when I was younger.

My deep thoughts start to rise sky high; did I make the right choice? Right choice when I first joined the working world, leaving behind studies and going ahead with further education. ALL thoughts come at me at 360!! Round and round then BANG-BANG,I break out of it then think back, I feel really proud now of the strong sense of self I had then and now I am even more proud than I am able to maintain the strength today. I made a decision which I am at ease with today.

Putting yourself out there can be tough and staying authentic even tougher – I can justify that!! Well now I see it as putting myself ‘OUT THERE’ meaning being brave, staying strong and having the confidence to know I was capable of doing anything I put my mind to. The types of challenges follow all of us when paving a new experience, path, taking the plunge into something different or even picking back-up after some time way.

As things began to grow and develop professionally for me, the temptation to simply follow the popular path became more frequent, seemed like the easier road and oftentimes offered immediate satisfaction rather than a slow steady rise. Often in face of others telling me ever so regularly what I should do. Against all odds, I managed to stay honest with myself. I stayed true to my dreams and true to my  goals, ultimately (and eventually) finding my own personal feeling of success.

Time comes and goes, like the perfect time to think  and reflect on the key values to close when looking to change your path in life. Maybe you are a graduate or will be one from high school, college or even university. Maybe you are looking to start a new career or your own business.Whatever road you are heading, staying true to yourself; your dreams and showing your authentic self to the world is essential to finding that ultimate feeling of achievement.

“We talk about defining moments, but I think nothing can define you. They are refining moments.You are constantly refining yourself and refining your life.” – Sheryl Crow.


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