Start an experience with Muslim Hands UK. Make a difference – TODAY!!

I never imagined my life as a charity worker when I was younger; I always seen myself as a Maths Teacher or a Fashion Designer. This had all changed on the 7th Annual Gaza Winter Walk in 2015 for Muslim Hands UK. I began to volunteer on the cold winter morning for the 5-Miles walk and I saw first hand the positive work the charity does for Gaza.

The excitement and positive vibe of the day’s volunteering lead into a career in the charity sector. I helped first hand, alongside with the team at Muslim Hands staff and amazing volunteers; working for the charity that aimed to helping individuals and disadvantaged groups of people in Palestine.

Volunteering on the humid, bitterly cold day; I remember a ‘cheeky monkey’ mascot and lots of bright smiles at the stall table from sisters. On the day there were, Gaza Winter Walk T-Shirts which I jumped right into selling them, as I was in the retail work-sector at the time so selling came naturally to me.

As the day when on, the day was filled with joy and beautiful smiles from participants of the walk. The Muslim Hands team moved very quickly getting food, water, entertainment ready for the walkers as they came back from their 5-Miles walk at Hyde Park, London.

Two years when on; recently, Muslim Hands UK hosted the 9th Annual Gaza Winter Walk 2017 in 9 cities. This year was bigger and better!!  I was in the mascot to cheer the participants on. I was dressed as ‘Minnie Mouse’, my younger brother as ‘Mickey Mouse’ and my other brother was dressed as ‘Cookie Monster’. The walk this year was so fun the entertainment stepped a notch!!

Everyone had a pleasurable, entertaining and delightful day. Let’s keep the day alive and even more rewarding by donating to the course. You can donate any amount of money to help support to make a differences for expectant mothers and new-born babies in GAZA strip today!!

Visit Muslim Hands UK website for more information and how you can donate to the walk on: I look forward to a bigger and much better 10th Annual walk next year In Sha Allah. Stay tuned to the charity to join the walk next year or start your amazing journey today as a VOLUNTEER!! Volunteer today to start an enjoyable experience In Sha Allah.

You would be surprised as to how volunteering can get you noticed and can change your life. I never knew there was an opportunity to use a career to make a difference. Truthfully, nowadays going into work doesn’t feel like a work place but more of a relaxed environment and a another chance to get donations for the people affect in poverty.

Keep in mind the famous quote by Muhammad Ali; “Service to other is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” Don’t delay, volunteer today!!

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