Myself and my friends visited the #LMFW on 18th February 2017. Everyone was glamorous and dressed to impress!! Even myself had make-up done by a dear friend. Those who know me said they was “SHOCKED” as make-up is alien to me and my face is not use to it BUTTT heyyy!! The first ever ‘MODEST’ FashionWeek hit London so I had to make an effort.  Glad I did as it was WORTH – IT 😀

Along the day, the line-up were many talented artists that showcased their work at the run-way!! Fabulous seeing modest into fashion. I was definitely impressed with the show and how the day turned out to being an awesome day-out with the CREW!! I look forward to many more #LMFW in the future.

I got inspired to being a #MODEL seeing how glamoured up the models were and still wearing awesome fab outfits by the wonderful designers on the day!!

A day I would always remember in a long term. What a great experience to have gone to an awesome event!!

On the way home; on train with friends, I got scouted to model for an agency. The guy gave me his business card saying he “would love to take photos, due to face-structure” I guess now if I take his offer, I’ll be on step closer to being a MODEL!!


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